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Welcome to a Tree of Light


To create a new world, we must rise to a new level of consciousness.  We are being called to leave behind the separative mind and to live as conscious, loving souls, aware that we are part of One Life.
The Tree of Light website is dedicated to the global awakening from the mentality of fear, based on the illusion of separation, and the shift to the soul’s awareness that we exist in a universe imbued with Love and Divine Purpose.
Deepening experience has taught us that there truly is a spiritual kingdom on this Earth, and that its members seek to cooperate with humanity toward the evolution of a new world.  This kingdom exists on a subtler plane where Love flows unimpededly, and from where the Plan of God is unfolding.  It will become known to all that a hierarchy of love and wisdom exists, and that advancement into it depends on the evolution of consciousness.
Several years ago, members of this Kingdom of Souls initiated an experiment with a group of human souls.  The Tree of Light website is a product of this experiment.  We invite you to explore the different facets of the site by clicking the icons located on the tree above, or clicking the links below.
  1. The Lotus in the Roots – Individual journeys that brought us together
  2. The Jewel in the Trunk – Spiritual Guidance that has been shaping our experience 
  1. The Spiral of Orbs – Reflections on the group journey, beginning with the soul’s Awakening and leading into A New World
  2. The Star of Vision – Communications received from enlightened teachers in the Hierarchy of Love and Wisdom about the coming Age of the Soul

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