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Scroll down to find "Meditations for the Soul", the "Circle Conversations" (formerly "Community Forum"), and other inspiring resources and programs that expand our
collective soul awareness.

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We welcome you to join a Tree of Light Community for a live, guided meditation. 

  Every Wednesday at 8pm GMT
(Thursday in the Asia Pacific)


4pm New York · 9pm London · 10pm Rome · 7am Sydney

10 minutes before start time

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What's Next for Humanity?

You are warmly invited to join a monthly sharing of insights from Spiritual Elders
followed by a group exploration of spiritual living as we enter the Age of the Soul.

TOPIC:  "When The Heart Opens"

Next:  14th October • 8 GMT
4pm New York · 9pm London · 10pm Rome · 7am Sydney (15th)


10 minutes before start time

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Weekly Inspirations

Receive an illustrated quote and message from Spiritual Elders each week.
Text “Light” to 719-223-9960
(Available only in the US and Canada with a smart phone)

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Podcast Series


                  Soul Awakening and the New Earth
Explore a soulful awakening quietly taking place on the planet amongst seemingly ordinary people. In this new age of Aquarius, a new consciousness is beginning to find expression. . .

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                   Words from the Spiritual Hierarchy
The passages shared in these podcasts are messages for humanity from members of the spiritual Hierarchy. They have achieved mastery over the human condition and reside on a subtler dimension from where they guide humanity’s evolution.

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Recent Meditation Recording
 Meditations for the Soul

Meditaion 41: The growing light of the soul

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Video of the Month

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"A New Dimension"


Recent Illustrated Quotes

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