Trunk: The Trunk

Contained in the trunk of the Tree are excerpts from the body of wisdom that has nourished this group experiment from the start.  The passages quoted here are drawn from letters transmitted to a group of souls who agreed to work cooperatively with the spiritual Hierarchy. They describe how these two realms of Earth’s life—human and spiritual— will co-create a new world civilization.

These writings contain the assurance that what is occurring in the world at present is aligned with the plan of evolution. The spiritual forces that brought the human race to this point of emergence are swinging the planet in a new direction, as the influence of matter wanes and the influence of Spirit grows. 

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The excerpts offered below are intended to shed light on the human journey through these times of tumultuous change. 

They are arranged in these 4 sections:


The Reality of the Soul

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The Kingdom of Souls 

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The Divine Plan

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Responses from the Spiritual Hierarchy
to Group Questions

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