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When spiritual guidance proves reliable and beneficial, it instills confidence in the existence of a higher realm of life and in the wisdom that flows from it.  Such guidance fosters cooperation between the spiritual realm and groups of human beings, enabling these groups to play a creative part in the evolutionary Plan.

 Spiritual Guidance is the fourth of ten phases in our journey. 
The quotes below reflect our experiences.

“The turning point on my path came through the experience of group work under Ashramic guidance.  In the clarity of this higher light, I could recognise the difference in quality between groups guided by high-grade personalities and a group that is guided by the greater love, light and wisdom of the Kingdom of Souls.  The difference is considerable.” 

“I have come to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the Kingdom of Souls exists and that contact between one’s soul and Those who dwell on higher planes is achievable.  The most reliable evidence is the steady stream of instructive guidance that flows from the Higher Plane into the group soul—a united group of individuals who have willingly placed their trust in a project initiated by Those who know and understand the plan of evolution.”

“Under guidance from the Ashram, we were given the tools we needed to become established as a group.  We were then given an initial task to carry out and through its implementation in the world, the group has become a creative force.  The journey continues as we embark on a new task under higher guidance.”


“I am grateful for this rare opportunity to serve alongside like-minded souls, assisting our spiritual Elders, whose teachings convey such love and wisdom and provide so much light on current world affairs.  To be able to assist an initiative that is linking the spiritual realm with humanity at this crucial turning-point in the Earth’s evolution brings deep gratitude.  The spiritual bonds formed with fellow group members, developed while realizing our shared purposes, bring me a sense of inner peace.”    

“I am experiencing the light of joy that comes from working with other souls committed to helping the earth and humanity awaken to a new consciousness and a new world of possibilities. Guidance from the Ashram of the Christ and His Great Brothers, the Masters of Wisdom, inspires the heart of the group to move forward no matter what obstacles may appear.”

“The perspective of our Elders on spiritual and world affairs comes like common-sense directives that raise our consciousness so we can be of service at this portentous time for humanity.  The guidance we receive helps me stay calm and steady, and it provides us with the tools needed to advance on the path and help others realize their spiritual potential.  Living in the light of the group soul, aligned with the spiritual realm, it is easier to stay focused in the heart and there is a growing sense of joy.”  

“The opportunity to pose questions to Those who are guiding us, regarding the events shaping our world, has been a lifeline for me and others in the group.  Through direct communication with enlightened beings who are helping humanity through the shift into a new era, we receive information that keeps us progressing steadily toward positive goals, despite what arises in the world.  And we can aid others who are open to the messages we receive.”

“Trust has been an unreliable element in daily life, but I have total trust in the group and the guidance of the Ashram.” 

“In our world today, there is so much misleading information circulating in the media that it is often difficult to assess what is true or false.  It’s a great blessing to receive regular guidance from our Elders, with its authentic and clear-sighted view of world changes and the purpose of these changes.  It gives us a broader understanding of what is actually happening and the new possibilities arising for humanity on the brink of the new era.”

“I have come to trust the guidance from our Elders and the soul of our group through my own inner guidance.  I stand ready, with my heart open and arms outstretched, to embrace this next phase of our work.”  

Calibrating to a Higher Frequency:
An Essay


Those who have awakened at this turning point in evolution have been given an unprecedented opportunity.  The veils that have separated the human and spiritual kingdoms across time are now thinning and communication between the two realms has become more possible.  As the new era dawns, we are realizing these veils were temporary blockages that can be dissolved, especially where there is a willingness to work under the guidance of illumined beings. 

When this willingness exists within a group of disciples, a new reality comes into being.  In a group of receptive minds and hearts, wisdom pouring forth from the spiritual realm provides the impetus to align with a purpose that serves the flow of evolution.  When the group is committed to carrying out work that furthers the Grand Design for our planet, a steady stream of higher guidance is ensured.

Communication between the human and spiritual realms becomes possible through the weaving of many ‘strands’ of soul consciousness into a bridge of light connecting the two planes.  Waves of lighted energy are constantly pouring forth from higher planes of Earth, but human beings must be prepared to receive and direct this energy.

"The goal of all aspirants and disciples is to become aware of this stream of energy in its various diversifications, and consciously to employ these energies in two ways; interiorly in self-unfoldment, and in the service of the plan for humanity." 1

For over a century, energies flowing forth from the Hierarchy of Light into human minds have been preparing the planetary noosphere for the birth of a new era and the creation of a world imbued with truth, justice, peace, and love.  Guidance from this higher realm has been paving the way for an entirely new civilization—one that will be aligned with the evolutionary purposes of the Lord of our World.

Guidance for this group has been welcomed as instruction from Teachers and Friends on the other side of the veil.  A stream of letters containing the light of wisdom and love has brought the two realms of consciousness closer together.  The aim of the letters is to help us navigate the massive upheavals occurring on our globe while preparing for a stage of evolution that holds a unique task for our species:  to embody the Soul, the true Self, the essential element for creating a new world.

Guidance from a higher dimension of consciousness challenges our familiar sense of what is true and real.  It alters our perceptions of life and what we always believed was permanent and unchanging, such as aspects of our physical planet and human forms of government.  Yet, by casting light on greater planetary realities, the guidance has helped us release attachments to what has always been and shifted our focus to the life now emerging.  It has helped us transcend the fear-based world and enter a realm infused with the light of Spirit. 

The vibrational frequency of these letters of guidance has also impacted the group.  The language used and the truths conveyed have calibrated our own vibrations to a higher frequency.  It is said in the wisdom teachings that Truth unfolds gradually to meet humanity’s increasing demand for light.  When human minds recognize the validity of truths received from illumined minds, evolution will accelerate.

Guidance from these greater minds can be transformative.  We have found that knowledge and understanding emanating through a steady connection with fully enlightened souls is fortifying, elevating, and healing.  The mind heals in the light of wisdom; the heart heals through the selfless love of greater Souls.  These powers are beyond our present comprehension, but increasingly within our reach.  They are powers that can heal the world.

1Bailey, Alice A.,  Education in the New Age

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