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Working in cooperation with Wise Beings in subtler realms breathes new life into the ageless wisdom teachings about the evolution of consciousness.  By accomplishing given tasks that serve the divine plan, spiritual groups develop the capacity to vitalize the chain of consciousness that propels the planet’s evolution.


Cooperating with Higher Realms is the eighth of ten phases in our journey. 
The quotes b
elow reflect our experiences.

“What used to be concepts about the future—a new era, a new world, a new humanity—have become part of our experience.  Ideas from the wisdom teachings about the ‘age of the soul’ have been turned into a living reality by working in cooperation with members of an Ashram.  We are reflecting through one another the fact that a new humanity is arising in response to spiritual truth and spiritual love.”

“The prospect of communicating with illumined Beings and then being invited to cooperate with them was at first surreal.  The actual experience is breathtaking, uplifting, empowering, and difficult to put into words.  An energy is transmitted through their communications that pervades my being—elevating, clarifying, and expanding my understanding.  Everything I knew in theory and sensed at peak moments of awareness is now the day-to-day reality I am living.”

“We are learning through our work - and our ongoing contact with Those who live on a higher plane of reality - to shift from the ordinary knowing of the physical plane to intuitive knowing that flows through soul awareness. From this higher awareness, we can speak with absolute certainty about the reality of the soul and the emergence of a world in which we will dwell with our Elders on a subtler plane.  We can begin to sense what it will be like through our collaboration with them.”

“Through the letters from the Ashram and the consciousness of the group, the connection with higher beings has become more real and tangible.  My perception of them has changed from ‘Great Beings Above Us’ to those who have preceded us on the path of spiritual evolution and who are in contact with us for a spiritual purpose.” 

“Our guidance has enabled us to live through this tumultuous planetary passage without fear, and to transmit this lack of fear to those whom we meet.  The sense of assurance comes from the light of wisdom we receive and the realization that the evolutionary plan is unfolding as it must.”

“We now have personal experience of communication with the inner realm of Souls.  We know that the Ashramic guidance is real and reliable.  All we have to do is continue to trust the process and play our part in the work.”

“Thanks to the guidance of enlightened teachers and the growing strengths of the group, we are creating a resonant frequency that makes it possible to align and cooperate with Those in spiritual realms, and to aid Their emergence into the world.”

“It’s inspiring to experience the power of a group working towards a spiritual goal under the guidance of pure and wise Souls.  The group has become a creative force that can actually serve the Plan.”

“I know in my heart what I must do and what we as a group must do.  We are a union of conscious souls who have come together to work in cooperation with enlightened Souls who are striving to re-establish the divine plan on Earth at this turning-point in the life of our planet.” 

“Soon after becoming part of this group, I began to experience a living relationship with the higher realms that didn’t exist during my years of esoteric study.  It demanded that I put my spiritual knowledge to use in practical ways.  Once I started to apply myself to the tasks we were given by our Elders, joy began to arise.”

“Working with the Ashram is a powerful experience for us and also for others, as we can share the influx of wisdom and love that we receive as a group.”

“There is deep joy in experiencing what is esoterically called the ‘reciprocal approach’ between the human and spiritual kingdoms.  We know from the wisdom teachings that a new world will emerge from conscious cooperation between these two realms.  To understand this process and other spiritual laws through a working relationship with illumined beings has increased my capacity to embody qualities of the soul and to serve.”

“I sense that our spiritual elders are close, answering every question, constantly encouraging us in the work and in our spiritual growth.  It was heartening to be able to complete a task they gave us, through a loving experience of group work supported by their guidance.  All of this tells us the new era has begun.” 

The Possibility of our Times:
An Essay


Wayfarer friend, let us travel together.
Let us walk together.
Let our path be one.
Traveler, be my friend.

                    New Era Community

We may wonder, at times, how it is that we have incarnated on Earth at this very moment, whether it is our souls that decide where and when to take physical form.  At this turning of the tide of evolution, we may ask ourselves these questions as a way of making sense of it all.  Do we incarnate in human form simply to gain life experience and grow in consciousness through repeated trial and error?  Or is there a higher will for us to make use of that experience to serve humanity through these times?  Each of us may sense the truth in our own hearts and discover our purpose for being here now. 

The Ageless Wisdom holds that lifetimes spent occupying different human forms in varying life conditions are the means of accumulating insight and understanding of the true purpose of life.  These lifetimes, strung across time like a bridge across a wide crevice, are the means by which we learn.  It is the tough challenges that finally awaken us and bring an end to cycles of blind suffering.  In time, all true seekers find their way to teachings and experiences that fuel the inner light and lead to awareness of and contact with Teachers on the inner planes.  As we continue on the Path, and service becomes the dominant note in life, we are led to cooperate with the Great Ones who work tirelessly behind the scenes for the welfare of all.

We are told that now, at this unprecedented juncture in evolution, the divine plan of evolution requires human participation.  The goal of the spiritual Hierarchy is to anchor the divine Plan of Love, Light and Goodwill on our planet.  To achieve the purpose held in the mind of the Lord of our World, assistance is needed from human beings who have prepared over lifetimes to receive the higher-frequency energies of the Kingdom of Souls.  These individuals are part of what the Tibetan Master has referred to as the New Group of World Servers.

“What (then) is the creative work confronting the Hierarchy and members of the New Group of World Servers, working under the inspiration and the impression of the Hierarchy?  It falls into two parts:  the work of bringing order out of chaos and the task of preparing the way for the reappearance of the Christ.” 1  

The Higher World is not a dream world, but a reality that is discovered in the inner silence.  When the indwelling soul contacts the greater Light, consciousness shifts from the intellect to the intuition and new dimensions of life are revealed.  By trusting the ‘inner voice,’ reliably heard by those of pure intent, we move closer toward the light of the higher realm.  When we do this as a group, we become useful to Elder Brethren in the spiritual realm who seek human assistance in accomplishing a divine purpose.

“Great Forces, under potent spiritual leadership, are standing ready to precipitate themselves into the world of chaos, of confusion, of aspiration, of hope and of bewilderment.  These energies are ready for distribution by the Hierarchy, and that Hierarchy under the Great Leader, the Christ, is closer to mankind than ever before in human history. The New Group of World Servers are standing attentive to direction in every country in the world, united in their idealism, in their humanitarian objectives, in their sensitivity to spiritual impression, in their subjective purpose, in their love of their fellowmen, and in their dedication to selfless service.” 1

Awakening souls everywhere—pilgrims and pioneers of the new world—are beginning to connect with one another in a spirit of love and a growing awareness of the approaching Forces of Light.  Together, and in cooperation with our spiritual Elders, we are revealing the power of the divine soul that will alter the course of human existence.

1 Bailey, Alice A., Discipleship in the New Age, vol.II, adapted

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