Star of Vision: Teachings about entering the Age of Light


The texts that comprise the Star of Vision pre-date the origins of this discipleship group, yet they have been subtly influential in its formation and unfoldment.  These writings (from 2012 through 2016) came from the same spiritual source as those that form the contents of the Trunk of the Tree.  However, the latter were transmitted for the growth and evolution of this particular group, whereas the former were written for all who seek a deeper understanding of the hidden forces at play in this momentous time.  In the past year, these writings have entered the group life more directly and thus are presented here as part of the journey.


From the Authors of these Writings

“We, the authors of these texts, are members of the spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and guardians of its evolutionary unfoldment. Our presence in the planetary life will become increasingly familiar as humanity enters the new era. These writings are intended to help seekers across the subtle bridge to the dimension where evolution will continue.

We have two primary goals in transmitting this material. The first is to prepare individuals at the forefront of the ascending wave of evolution to meet the onrush of events that will clear away structures of the old order and initiate the collective passage into the new order of light. The second is to demonstrate one of the methods by which future communication will take place between Us and those with whom We will work to create the new civilization and its culture.

We bring your attention to this higher stage of evolution in order to present the backdrop for these writings as well as to describe the mechanism by which they have been written. The disciple who worked with Us did so by ‘downloading’ information transmitted by Us from the plane of intuition, known also as Buddhi, the realm of Universal Mind. From this plane We work telepathically to impress the minds of human beings with elements and principles of the coming age."


Below are four documents from the Source referred to above: 

Call from the Mountain, The Phoenix Letters, 
Entering the Age of Light and An Open Letter to Disciples

The first two are texts and the second two are slide presentations. 





The K Messages


“The letter “K” in the K Messages stands for Kanchenjunga—the sacred mountain in the north of India not far from the southern border of Tibet.  It is here that We, members of the spiritual Hierarchy, congregate a good deal of the time.  It is from here that We disseminate these messages through a chain of hierarchy that reaches from Chohans and Masters through to disciples and aspirants on the spiritual path leading into the 5th Kingdom of planetary life.

Never before has it been possible for the human and spiritual kingdoms to enter into such close proximity.  Never has there been such widespread human recognition of the next kingdom in nature.  Never before have conditions been as ripe for opening the doors of communication between the kingdoms.   Never has the need for such communications been as great."  Read more





"This is the first in a planned series of writings from the Ashram about the coming Earth changes. The reason for its presentation at this time is twofold: First, the changes are no longer in the far-distant future but are quite literally around the corner.  Second, it is time to reveal more about the inner workings of the Plan as it is now taking form—regarding both humanity and the lesser kingdoms, and the Hierarchy.  It is both as formulators of the evolutionary Plan and as its proponents that We compose these letters to you."  Read more





"The crowning jewel of this long epoch of evolution is the development of the human mind.  As many have come to realize, the word ‘mind’ comes from the Sanskrit ‘manas,’ the origin of the word ‘human’ as well as ‘man’ and ‘woman.’ The race was named with the potential to think as its central characteristic, although the capacity for independent thought is only now within the reach of the majority of human beings. This is a recent development after millions of years of human evolution.

We now enter a period in which the mind will no longer be the ultimate organ of perception for advanced humanity. We enter a stage wherein the faculty of perception known as the intuition will replace the greatest attributes of mind as a means of knowing. This will occur as soul consciousness evolves and the mind comes under the control of the soul, whose essence is love. At a given stage of evolution, the awakening soul transcends the limits of mind and develops capacities that link it with the spiritual kingdom. One such capacity is the perception of Reality that bypasses the mind."   

(Click on the titles below for slide presentations)

Consciousness and the Age of Light

Entering the Age of Light  - Introduction

A Season of Birth

The Great Turning of the Wheel of Evolution

Consciousness and the Fabric of Energy

The Plan of Evolution

Spirit Rising from the Ashes

Meditators and the Dimensional Shift

Energy Bodies

Our Star and its System


Between Ages and Stages of Awareness . . . The Passage

Changes in Climate and Consciousness  

Freedom of Choice ...Purification

Beyond Fear, Beyond Death

The Mind of Separation . . . Dark Forces and Rays of Light . . . Light from the Depths of Darkness

Prelude to Awakening . . . Vision of the Soul . . . An Exercise for the Transition

The New Earth

A New Garden . . . An Influx of Light

Peace . . . The Energy World of the New Earth

A New Atmosphere . . . Love . . . Beauty . . . Transparency  

Effects of Light Exposure. . . A Hierarchy of Light   

Karma and the New Earth . . . The Leap . . . 2012





“It is the ascent of Humanity and the descent of the Hierarchy that will provide the meeting ground for the emergence of a new civilization and its culture—the highest expression of the divine-human impulse for the Aquarian Age.”

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The Greater Context for the Externalization of the Hierarchy

The Role of Christ

The Christ and Sanat Kumara

The New World

The Revelation of the Hierarchy of Light

The Etheric Plane

A Cycle of Enlightenment

The Place of Disciples in Current Events

Preparing for the Externalization

From Humanity to Divinity

Emergence into a New Dimension