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Building a bridge of light between the human and spiritual kingdoms requires raising the frequency of ordinary human consciousness to the point where it resonates with the higher frequencies of the spiritual realm.  This bridge makes it possible for divine guidance to flow into human awareness, enabling us to cooperate with the Plan.


Lighted Bridge is the ninth of ten phases in our journey. 

The quotes below reflect our experiences.

“Just as we grow telepathically close with co-workers in the world, we are becoming telepathically close with enlightened and loving beings in the subtle dimensions.  These beings know the needs of the moment for the evolving life of our planet.  Everything happening now is seen and understood within a larger perspective—as part of a great cyclical transition between ages that is impelled by divine purpose.” 

“Through the guidance we receive, our soul connections have grown in ways that are too subtle to describe. There’s a merging of our consciousness with the light of a Greater Consciousness that builds a reciprocal relationship between the two worlds.  This deepens our integration as a group and supports our work.”

“Through discernment and practice, we’ve learned that by merging our consciousness with consciousness of a higher and finer vibrational frequency, we can create a new reality.  This is an intentional merging.  It’s not a loss of personal boundaries but a transcendence of boundaries.  It becomes a bridging, healing, and empowering act of love.” 

“We and our Elders exist in two different dimensions of consciousness.  By extending filaments of light towards each other, the group can comprehend what is needed.  The ‘download’ seems to occur in stages:  first, receiving guidance, then a quiet period for the revelation and emergence of new thought, and then inspired service.  Working out this service as a group reminds me of a symphony orchestra.  Each instrument first attunes itself separately, preparing for the concert that will flow when all the instruments are finely tuned and ready to play a masterpiece in coherence and love.  Each contributes to the whole.” 

“Our shared intention is to build a bridge in consciousness between the human and spiritual realms, at this dawn of a new era.  There is a growing sense of the presence of the Elders, and that we are one with them, and aligned with the Greater Ashram in its efforts to actualize the Plan of God.”  

“We are building the lighted bridge between the human and spiritual worlds that was foreseen in the ageless wisdom teachings as the foundation of a new world.  Love and wisdom are flowing across this bridge into the group soul, thanks to our implicit trust in Those who guide us.  We’ve learned that this relationship is possible when the lesser self submits to the greater self—the soul—and to those in the Kingdom of Souls who know the Truth, the Plan, and the divine Purpose for this time.”

“As a group, we’re realizing how consciousness shapes the world of form.  This awareness opens doors to the Greater Life and we begin to remove the veils between realms of consciousness so that a greater light can flow.  This cannot be done by an individual, only by a group.” 

“I have realized that the relationship between disciple and Master, between the soul and the Kingdom of Souls, produces rays of light that are like subtle ‘stones’ in the inner temple of light that is built by the soul on the Path.”  

“As a group we are united by deep and powerful strands of awareness:  we recognise the existence of spiritual realms; we’re in touch with the guidance of our souls; we’re resonant with the spiritual Hierarchy and the divine Plan; we have a deep love for the Christ as the Eldest of the human family, and we are drawn to serving humankind.  All of this helps form the bridge of light between the human and spiritual worlds.”

A Pathway to the Realm of Spirit:
An Essay

Love is the bridge between you and everything. – Rumi

The human soul has perpetually longed for a ‘heaven on earth,’ yet this longing has always been seen as an unrealizable dream.  Now we’re discovering how to achieve it.  As the higher Self awakens and learns to function at a higher frequency, contact can be made with the realm of illumined Souls.  By creating a vibratory resonance between the human and spiritual realms, a bridge in consciousness comes into being that allows the light of love and wisdom from the higher realm to flow into the lower.  This higher light is spawning the birth of a new world. 

At this point in time, humanity’s collective sense of reality is being challenged at every turn.  Material structures are crumbling by the day but simultaneously, the emerging love of the soul is creating a new reality.  The world we have known is the product of thinking that has been limited by the concrete mind operating in the world of concrete form.  When the heart opens, it is possible to grow beyond those limitations and penetrate the realm of Spirit.  Self-love turns into love for all, and we fulfill the purpose hidden in our DNA—to love.

The bridge of light, built with love, forms a path from matter to Spirit.  It is often a path over troubled waters, at times requiring a rescue of the unintegrated parts of ourselves.  Once stabilized, this bridge is an invisible structure whereby love, truth, and creative inspiration flow from the mountaintop above into the valley below.  This bridge is built more easily when we realize that there is nothing left to lose on this dense material plane, that what matters most lies in the realm of Spirit that feeds the soul.

The other side of this lighted pathway is extended by Those in higher realms toward those on the physical earth who are awake enough to perceive it.  This subtle mode of perception is learned through the heart of the seeker of truth.

The seeker goes deep into that dark, inky place of unknowing until the light rises from within and reveals the good, the true and the beautiful. – Anonymous

The lighted bridge is the connecting cable from our humanness to the Mind of God, the Heart of God, the Will of God, and the greater flow of Creation.  It is the instrument for our evolution into a new species that will create a world beyond the material one in which we have been immersed.  To contact this new world, we have to travel further and learn a new language.

Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that one. – Black Elk Speaks

Building the luminous bridge continues over lifetimes and is by no means linear.  One’s path will ebb and flow, veer off for a while, move from chaos to stability, become erratic then constant.  This inner work has its own cycles and there are seasons when it grinds to a halt, when the tests and trials of our personal lives overwhelm us and draw us away.  Facing them with courage allows the bridge-building work to resume.  There are times when the crossing is locked, but all locks have keys somewhere.

Creating the inner connection to higher Reality is an individual pursuit that requires the light, love and will of the soul who treads the Path of Ascent.   But when a critical mass of human souls makes this crossing, we will have a new world.  The bridge of light has a deeply esoteric purpose:  to lead humankind to the understanding that will bring an end to world conflict:  the fact of the inseparability of all lives on our planet.  When this occurs, love will replace fear; cooperation will replace competition; order will replace chaos.

There is a gently percolating awareness that humanity has a spiritual destiny to fulfill.  We must hold tight to this awareness and to the fact that the Coming One has begun to fulfill his stupendous assignment of resurrecting the spirit of humanity.  Let us all play our part in this great awakening.

"Grant me the light that I may shine. Let me throughout the world of time and space radiate light, create a light, transmit the Light, and treading thus the Lighted Way (which is my Lighted Self) enter the light and so return the light to those who need." 1

1 Bailey, Alice A., Discipleship in the New Age, vol. II   

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