This glossary does not undertake to fully explain all the terms below.  It is simply an attempt to clarify certain words and phrases used in this website, so that the reader may understand their meanings and more easily engage with the website content.

You will note there are words in these texts that are capitalized sometimes, but not always.  The capitalization is done for two reasons:  to give emphasis to those words in a given context, and to indicate a higher aspect of their meaning.  For example, Love indicates divine or universal love.  



Age of the Soul/Age of Light:  See also New Era.  The coming age in which humanity unfolds its higher potential through control of the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the persona.  This control enables the expression of light, love, compassion, and other qualities innate to the soul.


Ageless Wisdom:  An ancient body of teachings, updated for the new era, which has guided spiritual seekers throughout human history.  It encompasses the nature of the cosmos, the laws that govern evolution, and humanity's evolutionary role.  It comprises the ‘Golden Thread’ of truths that connects the inner, hidden teachings at the heart of the world’s religions.


Alice A. Bailey (1880 – 1949):  A teacher and author of more than twenty-four volumes of ageless wisdom teachings.  She founded the Arcane School in 1923 to train disciples throughout the world to be able to facilitate humanity’s transition into the new era.  The training is based on the concept that the plan of evolution requires the cooperation of human beings, working in collaboration with the spiritual Hierarchy.


Ashram:  A Sanskrit word meaning ‘exertion’ in relation to spiritual disciplines.  It is commonly understood as a place where disciples and aspirants gather to strive towards spiritual goals under the direction of a Master.  In these writings, it refers to a community of highly advanced Souls dwelling on subtler planes and working to fulfill the Divine Plan.  An ashram is a radiatory and magnetic spiritual centre whose inspiration draws those souls who are awakening.

Ashramic Guidance:  See also Spiritual Guidance.  Individual or group instructions given to aspirants and disciples working in cooperation with an ashram of the spiritual Hierarchy, to further the divine Plan.


Ashram of the Christ and His Great Companions:  See also Ashram, Brothers, Elders, and Christ.  A great ashram working on the etheric planes of Earth, with The Christ at the head.


Aspirant:  One who endeavors to live a spiritual life.  All true aspirants demonstrate a sense of responsibility and genuine caring for all beings.  Love of Truth is a motivation for all who seek to grow spiritually.


Awakening:  The dawning awareness of the existence of a higher self, the soul, and of interconnectedness with the larger world.  As the light of the soul breaks through the barriers of the rational mind, higher dimensions of life and consciousness are recognized.


Beings/Higher Beings:  Highly evolved Lives who serve the divine Plan for our planet, in part by illumining human minds.  Having passed through the human evolution, they dwell in spiritual realms as embodiments of divine intelligence, love and wisdom, and purposeful will.  These great Beings seek to impress the minds of souls seeking the light of truth, helping to illumine their way on the Path of Ascent. 


BrothersSee also Beings, Higher Beings, and Elders.  The word ‘Brothers’ has traditionally been used in reference to elders within the spiritual Hierarchy but is being superseded by genderless terms such as ‘Elders’ and ‘Higher Beings’ as we enter the age of Aquarius.  Those who exist in the Realm of Souls are devoid of gender distinctions.  Yet having lived in male and female bodies over long cycles of human evolution, vestiges of gender qualities remain in their constitution, as is the case with all human beings.


Brotherhood:  This term is often used (exclusive of gender) in reference to the ideal of unity among groups and nations, achieved through goodwill and right human relations. Esoterically, the word signifies an essential truth of the Ageless Wisdom: as souls we are all daughters and sons of God. The true qualities of brotherhood emerge when conscious souls work in cooperation with the Kingdom of Souls to manifest the will of God.


Buddha Nature:  ‘Buddha’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘awakened.’  According to the Buddha, the essence of everything is the Buddha-nature.  In Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Egyptian wisdom traditions, the Christos, the Atman, the Buddha nature, and the Self are different names for the divine essence that dwells within all human and sentient beings.  It is the consciousness of the One Life found at the center of every atom in the universe.


Burning Ground:  A term used for a painful period of purification that occurs in the life of an individual, a group, a nation, or a civilization.  Such crises can serve to burn away the dross of the personality and reveal the qualities of the indwelling soul.  The human spirit is cleansed through the purification of motives and desires.  Current global crises are serving to lead humanity into a new era of oneness.   


Christ (The Christ):  See also Coming One and World Teacher.  From the Greek word ‘Christos,’ the Anointed.  The title is used to describe a spiritual Being widely recognized as a perfected human being, the ‘Son of the living God,’ and ‘the Eldest Brother of humanity.’  In the Ageless Wisdom teachings, The Christ is known to be the head of the spiritual hierarchy of our planet, plus the Teacher and World Server of the coming age.  He oversees the work of the Masters of Wisdom and their ashrams, which together form one great ashram under his over-lighting Presence.


Christ Consciousness: See also Buddha Nature.  A term used to describe the state of realization of a conscious soul, one who is living life from the level of awareness of the divinity within, the higher Self.


Christ principle: Another name for the Soul or Higher Self.


Coming One:  See also World Teacher and Reappearance of the ChristA term used in times of great change such as the present period, when expectancy of Divinity entering the world is high.  The term refers to the appearance of a fully enlightened Being known in the West as the Christ; known in the East as Maitreya, the Bodhisattva, the Iman Mahdi, the Messiah; known to students of the Ageless Wisdom as the Avatar of Love.  In ages past, at the close of a civilization when religious beliefs became inadequate to meet human needs, religious teachers anticipated the arrival of a ‘Coming One.’


Cycles:  A term referring to regularly recurring phases of time, like seasons, years, or centuries.  It also refers to human lives, and cycles of living called lifetimes, and to the spiral-cyclic phases of growth through which consciousness evolves.


Death:  In the wisdom teachings, death is perceived as a natural end to a cycle of life lived in a physical form, and the point of transition to a subtler existence.  The death or destruction of the form releases the indwelling consciousness for its further evolution.


Disciple, Group Disciple:  The word ‘disciple’ is used in the Ageless Wisdom to describe seekers who become dedicated to the spiritual Path, by which they evolve into conscious contributors to the plan of evolution.  A Group Disciple is a unified group of disciples serving as a living link between humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy. 


Divine Love:  See also Love.  Human or personal love is often limited in expression, whereas Divine love is boundless and unconditional.  It is a Force that flows from the spiritual Hierarchy as the soul awakens, bringing nourishment on the Path that binds the soul back to Source.  It is a quality of Deity that has healing power, which human beings will learn to wield in the coming era and will transform our world.


Divine Idea:  An idea held in the Mind of God that furthers the plan of evolution.  Flowing into the enlightened minds of Beings in the realm of Souls, such ideas are transmitted to the minds of awakened human souls through the light of higher intuition.


Divine Mind:  The mind of the Logos of our planet, the Creator or God of life on Earth.  It is one aspect of the threefold nature of the logoic Life, the others being Divine Love and Divine Power. 


Elders:  See also Beings and Higher Beings.  Those who have preceded humanity on the path of spiritual evolution—the Path of Return to Source.  They are fully enlightened Beings within the spiritual Hierarchy, largely devoted to generating thought currents with the power to shift human consciousness into closer alignment with the Forces of Evolution.


Esoteric:  Dealing with subtle realities that are hidden or obscured as opposed to what is exoteric or seen and known.


Etheric Body:  The physical body is composed of two aspects: the dense physical and the vital or etheric body.  This energy body is the true form underlying the dense physical form and acts as the conductor of life force, known as prana.  The life force has seven main points of contact within the etheric body.  Called energy centers or chakras, they transmit the life force to the physical body.


Experiment:  A scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact; a course of action tentatively adopted without certainty of the eventual outcome.  The spiritual Hierarchy engages in experiments with Aquarian groups to test the readiness of humanity to take the next step in evolution.


Externalization:  As used in the Ageless Wisdom, this word refers to the emergence of members of the Hierarchy of Light from the inner realms of Earth into the visible world of humanity.

Evolution:  A fundamental principle of life that applies to physical forms and the consciousness that dwells within them.  The wisdom teachings hold that as consciousness expands, forms change accordingly.  This applies to life on every dimension—from a physical atom to more complex physical beings, and to lives on subtler and higher planes.  As human consciousness expands the outer form will become subtler and lighter.


Fifth Kingdom:  The Fifth kingdom of planetary life is the realm of Enlightened Souls, the spiritual kingdom or realm.  Human beings comprise the fourth kingdom.  The human soul holds the divine potential to progress into the next kingdom, which begins to unfold as the soul awakens and enters the spiritual path.  As human souls align with members of the fifth kingdom and the divine plan, the evolution of Earth will advance.


Forces of Light:  An assembly of ‘spiritual warriors’ dwelling on the inner planes. Equipped with true knowledge and understanding of the Plan and Purpose of God, they uphold universal truth and divine order by directing higher energies to balance the forces of darkness.  The Spiritual Hierarchy embodies this force on the planetary level.


God:  The Creator of all.  Pure Energy, Pure Being.  In the wisdom teachings, ‘Logos’ is another term for this Being.  All of creation is the manifestation of the one Source of planetary life.  God Immanent is the life-giving Spirit within all forms, the generator of activity, growth, and evolution.  God Transcendent ‘pervades the universe with a fragment of Itself’ and yet "remains," embracing all.  The nature of all Life can be better understood through the merging of these two aspects of Divinity.


Group Soul:  See also Soul.  A Group Soul emerges from the confluence of mutual ideals held by aspirants and disciples, and by working toward the realization of these ideals.  The goal of a group soul is to carry out a purpose within the divine Plan, under the impress of Those who guide from the realm of Souls.


Guides:  Enlightened beings within the Hierarchies of Light who act as teachers and spiritual directors for humanity.  These Beings take responsibility for guiding awakening souls through the rocks and shoals of earth-life towards the goal of self-mastery.


Guidance:  See also Ashramic Guidance and Spiritual Guidance.  The knowledge, wisdom, and love evoked by humanity from higher realms of consciousness.


Heart:  The heart is the center of love and healing energy.  It is one of the seven major energy centers of the etheric body and the focal point through which spiritual love and wisdom flow.  When the Christ returns to establish a magnetic center of Light on Earth, awakened human beings will be drawn to it through the heart.


Hierarchy (Spiritual Hierarchy, Hierarchy of Light):  The Spiritual Hierarchy is an abode of wisdom and love.  It is composed of enlightened Beings who have mastered the dimension of human consciousness and dwell on a subtler plane, from where they guide the divine plan of evolution.  They are Masters of Wisdom and those approaching that stage of illumination who work to fulfill the Plan of God.  Together they constitute a realm of life viewed as the spiritual heart of our planet, often called the Kingdom of Souls or the Kingdom of God.  Their role is to foster the unfolding potential of humanity, guiding the race toward the divine purpose for a given epoch.  The current purpose is to awaken humanity to its higher Self, the Soul, whose level of consciousness enables cooperation with the Kingdom of Souls toward the creation of a new world.  The Hierarchy is a critical center in the Chain of Being on our planet.  Its members are expressions of divine wisdom, compassion, love, and intelligence.


Higher Realms:  Subtler realms of existence inhabited by those who have transcended the lower, denser planes.  The higher realms referred to include the planes of Soul, Spirit and beyond.  These are higher dimensions of consciousness into which inhabitants of lower realms ascend over the course of time and through the processes of evolution.


Intuition:  A faculty of perception sometimes described as ‘direct knowing’ or ‘flashes of inspiration.’  It is often referred to as the ‘inner voice’ of illumination, understanding and love.  Higher intuition is accessible at a level of awareness beyond mental reasoning or normal intellectual comprehension.  It is attainable once the soul awakens and contacts higher dimensions of consciousness.


Kingdom of Souls:  See also Hierarchy, Fifth Kingdom.  A Realm of enlightened Beings embodying the principles of Love and Wisdom.  The heart center of our planetary Life, it is entered by fully awakened souls through the spiritual path of ascent.  As the human soul awakens and treads the Path, it is liberated from the chains of material plane existence and enters the spiritual kingdom, which formulates and executes the divine plan of evolution.


Law of Karma:  The natural and irrefutable law of cause and effect.  Karma is the outworking of the universal principle of justice, by which future conditions of life are determined.  Every physical, emotional, or mental act is recorded in the memory of the soul to produce an effect––positive or negative––in present or future lifetimes.  Karma is an impartial law that infallibly yields a just effect for every cause.  When it is understood that God is Love, this law will be seen as serving the greatest Good.


Light:  The great revealer.  On the physical plane, the sun is the natural agent that stimulates the sense of sight to make objects visible.  On the inner planes, the soul is the spiritual sun that is the great revealer of love and wisdom.  Light is the substance that connects the visible realm with the invisible.


Lighted Bridge:  A living link of spiritual light formed through a resonance of consciousness between the human realm (the fourth kingdom) and the spiritual realm (the fifth kingdom).  The purpose of creating this bridge is to further the divine Plan of evolution.


Love:  See also Divine Love.  Genuine love is neither a sentiment nor an emotion, but a spiritual energy that opens the heart and connects the soul with other lives and with the greater Life.  It is the universal force that guides the worlds toward inclusiveness, cohesion, and unity.  The present age of materialism has reduced love to a personal quest for physical and emotional gratification.  Soul love is a force that evokes the higher Self in all whom it touches.  It shines like the sun, asking nothing in return.


Lower Self:  The personality or lower self is the mask of the soul, the higher Self, until the time when the soul awakens and becomes anchored in consciousness.  Composed of body, emotions, and mind, it is the point of human self-identification for the long cycle of lifetimes that precedes awakening.  It is often equated with the ego.


Man:  The term is used to denote humankind.  Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘manas’ meaning ‘mind,’ it is the word that describes the evolutionary advance of the human kingdom over the animal kingdom.  ‘Woman’ has same derivation.


Masters of Wisdom:  See also Wise OnesFully enlightened Beings, infused with pure Spirit, they dwell on the inner planes from where they radiate love, wisdom, and the power of Will.  Their purpose is to enlighten the minds and hearts of souls who are awakening and treading the Path of Return.  They are responsible for formulating the plan of Earth’s evolution, and will in time emerge from the inner realms.


Meditation:  The act of withdrawing consciousness from the physical body and outer sensory world, re-directing it inward toward the invisible realm of spirit.  The mind is used to create a direct channel between personality and soul, and to build a bridge in consciousness between material and spiritual worlds.  The perennial goal of meditation is union with Spirit.


Monad:  The One.  From the Greek word ‘monos’ meaning ‘singularity’––the Supreme Being or the totality of all, the One life.  A spark of the monad is the divine spark of Life at the heart of every living being.  In the human evolution, just as the soul infuses the threefold personality, the monad infuses the threefold self on the plane of Spirit.  It is both the origin and the goal of the reincarnating human being.  The will and purpose of the Monad is absolute union with the One.


New Earth:  See also New Era/New World.  The primary substance of the etheric plane, where the new earth will become manifest, is light.  The light of the soul—suffused by the light of the spiritual realm—will be the principal factor in life.  Soul life will flourish, unfettered by the density of physical matter.  The consciousness of all kingdoms of life will unfold at a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral. 


New Era/New World:  See also New Earth.  The next stage of planetary evolution during which the consciousness of the human and spiritual realms will blend and fuse through vibratory resonance.  This will produce a new civilization and culture.  Humanity will enter a new world of light and consciousness in which the good, the true and the beautiful will flourish, under the governance of spiritual laws.


New Group of World Servers:  Men and women of all races, nations, religions, and philosophies who are characterized by a refined mental and emotional outlook, a deep sense of synthesis and inclusiveness, and a spirit of goodwill.  They have no outer organization and follow no exclusive creed but are imbued with a sense of universal brotherhood and interrelatedness with all of life.  Whether conscious of the spiritual Hierarchy or not, their lives and their work serve to anchor the Plan on earth. 


New Humanity:  The race that will unfold through the spiritual awakening that is now underway.  The humanity that will evolve under the governance of the Soul and the wisdom flowing from the higher realm of the Soul.


Observer:  The pure witnessing consciousness of the soul, the true perceiver and seer.  When the concrete mind is uncluttered by thought and concern, life can be seen in the clear light that streams from the soul.  This level of consciousness can be most readily attained through the steady practice of meditation.


OM:  The primal sound of the Universe.  The sacred word whose vibration establishes a harmonic resonance between the personality in the outer world and the soul on the inner plane. 


One Life:  All of creation on Earth is a manifestation of one divine Life.  Each dimension or kingdom of life has a different level of consciousness, vibrates at a different frequency, and takes different forms.  At denser levels, matter is the medium of form expression; at subtler levels, light is the medium.  Behind all forms, physical or subtle, is the one vitalizing, synthesizing Life.  All lives strive to attain re-union with the one Source.


Opalescent Flame:  A fiery energy visualized by the soul on the spiritual path for self-purification, in the goal of removing obstacles to soul growth and group service.


Open Letter to Disciples:  A communication from an ashram within the spiritual Hierarchy concerning the vital role of humanity in the reappearance of the Christ and the emergence of Masters of Wisdom on the cusp of this new era.  Its intent is to awaken disciples on the Path to the need for a bridge in consciousness between humanity and the Hierarchy, to implement an aspect of the Plan at this turning-point in Earth’s evolution.


Path, Path of Liberation, Path of Return:  After lifetimes of immersion in physical plane matter, the incarnate soul eventually awakens to its higher self.  The seeker is born from a yearning to know one’s true origins and discover the purpose of existence.  Over time, all seekers of truth find their way to the Path of Ascent that liberates the soul from bondage to matter and leads it to return to the Source from which it came.


Personality:  See also Lower Self.  The threefold lower self composed of body, mind, and emotions.  The union of these three bodies produces the sense of individuality known as a personality.  The inherent tendency of the personality is to relate all occurrences to a separate individuality, whereas the tendency of the soul, the higher self, is to see the essential unity of lives and Life.  When the soul gains control of the lower self, the integrated personality becomes its vehicle of service in the world.


Plan, Divine Plan:  A spiritual blueprint for working out the purpose held in the Mind of God, the planetary Logos.  Members of the spiritual Hierarchy formulate a plan by which divine purpose can be realized.  According to the Ageless Wisdom, the immediate objective of the Plan is to create a lighted bridge of consciousness between humanity and the inner realm of Souls.  The blending of consciousness and energy of these two dimensions of planetary life will produce a new world.


Planetary Life:  See also One LifeThe Life of a Great Entity which ensouls the totality of lives within a planetary scheme, also called the Planetary Logos.


Presence:  The sensed presence of Higher Beings who are not incarnate in visible form, but whose vibrations and thought emanations are felt and recognized. 


Purification:  See also Burning Ground.  A self-initiated process that removes all hindrances to the light of the soul, thus releasing the soul from bondage to the lower self. The result is purity of thought, motive, fearlessness in the face of doubt, and steadfastness to truth.


Purpose, Divine Purpose:  The evolutionary impulse known as the Will of God, worked out through the divine plan of evolution.  This impulse exists in all forms of life, guiding the indwelling consciousness to fulfill its place in the scheme of creation.


Reappearance of the Christ:  See also Coming One and World Teacher.   All world religions await a ‘Coming One’—an Avatar who will lead humanity into a new era.  While Christians anticipate the return of Christ, other religious believers expect the return of the Maitreya, the Bodhisattva, the Messiah, the Imam Mahdi, and lesser-known avatars.  The doctrine of Mediators, Messiahs, Christs, and Avatars runs like a golden thread through all faiths and scriptures.


Reincarnation:  Also called the Law of Rebirth.  The rebirth of the soul into a new body.  All life forms go through birth, growth, death, and rebirth.  Once the physical form of a human being dies, the soul is released and reborn into a different body, determined by karmic history.  The cycle of physical reincarnation continues until the soul has learned the necessary lessons that will equip it for life in the Kingdom of Souls.


Sacrifice:  ‘To make holy.’ To give up something for the sake of something greater.  The urge to sacrifice is the great energy impelling the Soul of God Himself to enter form life.  On the path of spiritual ascent, sacrifice involves the relinquishing of long-held attachments to form to become a medium of expression for the inner, evolving life of the soul.


Sanat Kumara:  In Sanskrit, Eternal Youth.  Known also in the Ageless Wisdom as the Ancient of Days.  The Lord of the World, He is the embodiment on Earth of the planetary Logos, or God on this earthly plane.  He stands at the head of the Chain of Being and Consciousness of our planet and is the anchoring point for the will of God on Earth.


Self:  The Self, written with a capital ‘S’, refers to the higher aspect of the human being—the Soul that dwells on a plane beyond the personality.


Service:  The use of soul force for the good of all.  True service is expressed under the impetus of pure love, wisdom, and harmlessness.  When the factor of spiritual illumination combines with the soul’s urge to serve, you find those who are equipped to light the way of return to Source for others.


Seven Planes:  There are seven levels of existence in our planetary scheme.  Each of the seven planes has seven sub-planes.  The densest and lowest vibrationally is the physical plane, on which humanity currently dwells.  Moving upward are the Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic and Logoic planes.


Shift (The Shift):  A transference of consciousness from a lower to a higher plane, as in the shift of identity from the individual personality to the soul, the higher Self.  The shift in human awareness from the physical to the etheric plane entails the transmutation of physical plane matter to the higher vibrational frequency of the etheric plane.  This is part of the shift that the entire planet is going through.


Soul, Soul Consciousness, Soul Awareness:  The higher Self of the human being that dwells on a plane beyond the physical.  Soul consciousness is the product of the union of Spirit and matter.  The soul sees and knows from a higher perspective and, once awakened, guides the life of those who tread the Path of Return.  The soul is the immortal consciousness that reincarnates in different bodies to learn from life and to grow.  Its inherent qualities are love, wisdom, and power.  When its full potential is developed, the soul becomes a channel into the world for the light and love of the Kingdom of Souls.


Source:  The Origin of all manifestation.  The Path of Return to Spirit leads the human soul back to its source.


Spirit:  The breath of Life.  The source and vitalizing energy of all that lives.  It is the cause of all manifestation and the animating essence of all living beings.  “Matter is spirit at its lowest vibration; Spirit is matter at its highest.”


Spirit of Love:  Pure love and intelligence working under the impulse of Spirit.  The spirit of inclusiveness, tolerance, wise judgement, and far-sighted vision has the power to draw humanity together as One.  Spiritual love is the foundation of the new world.


Spiritual Guidance:  See also Ashramic Guidance and Guidance.  Every awakened soul comes in touch with inner guidance.  The higher form of spiritual guidance is received by the awakened soul from Beings who dwell on the inner planes and are working with the Forces of Evolution.  In the coming era, humanity will come under the direct guidance of the spiritual Hierarchy.


Subtle Realms, Subtle World:  See Higher Realms.


The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul:  A Master of Wisdom and member of the spiritual Hierarchy whose teachings about this pivotal moment in planetary evolution were the first to generate awareness that humanity is entering a new age of consciousness and life.  For thirty years (1919-1949) he worked telepathically with his amanuensis, Alice A. Bailey, to produce many volumes about aspects of life in the coming era, as humanity awakens and fulfills its destiny, and about the nature of the universe.  His seminal teachings laid the groundwork for human understanding of the shift in consciousness that has begun and will be foundational to the new world.


Transformation:  A change from one state of being to another.  Metamorphosis.  In the Ageless Wisdom, it refers to the process by which the consciousness of an isolated, individual personality is transformed into the consciousness of a living soul.  By treading the spiritual Path, the lower self is transformed into a Soul-infused personality.


Truth:  Absolute truth exists only on the plane of Universal Mind.  Relative truths have imbued human minds across time through varied religious and spiritual teachings and philosophies.  In the light of the soul, human beings are able to register kernels of Absolute Truth.  In its highest form, Truth is an aspect of divinity that is inseparable from Love.


Waves, Thought Waves:  From the higher levels of the Planetary Chain of Being, waves of divine thought generate energies that are directed towards the evolution of Life.  All who dwell on Earth are recipients of thought waves and subtle vibrations constantly emitted by the spiritual Hierarchy, though few are conscious of them.  Human beings are also generators of thought and energy waves, both positive and negative, affecting the entire etheric field of our planet.


Wise Ones/Great Ones:  See also Masters of Wisdom.  Members of the spiritual Hierarchy on the inner planes.  They include those who have come forth in previous eras as Avatars of divine qualities, and whose teachings led to the founding of world religions.  In conscious rapport with the Christ, the head of the Hierarchy, and the Lord of the World, they serve as formulators and custodians of the Plan.  At this time, they seek to cooperate with those on Earth who strive to know and serve the divine Plan and Purpose.


World Teacher:  The Christ, also known as the Boddhisattva, is the current holder of the office of World Teacher within the spiritual Hierarchy.  Just as his predecessor in this role, the Buddha, was known as the Lord of Wisdom, the Christ is known as the Lord of Love and Compassion.  When the Christ visibly returns to earth he will appear not as a savior, as is widely anticipated, but as the universal Teacher of awakening humanity.