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Words from Spiritual Elders

"The essential idea to apprehend is that the world is not ending; a new world is just beginning … In this new world, instead of amassing things of a material nature, for survival or satisfaction, the object of living will be to gain understanding of the Plan of God, to develop the will to act in accordance with that Plan, and to learn to act with loving intention toward all living beings.” 

CFTM Message 32 - 377-F

Words from Spiritual Elders

"Just as the hummingbird absorbs nectar from a flower,

Truth, which is beauty to the higher mind; Goodness, which is beauty to the feeling nature.”

CFTM - Message 54 —  376-F


CFTM - Message 56 — 375-F

"God is the name of an irresistible Force called LOVE. The greatest force in the new world will be the power of love expressed as the power

CFTM - Message 12 —  374-F

"To the degree that individuals are consciously soul-identified-living and moving as part of the One Soul—to that same degree they find their place within the Great Chain of Being in which divine love is the great transmitting agency.

The thrust of the evolutionary trajectory of the 'Lord of our World' is toward electrifying this chain of living being to inaugurate the reign of Divine Love.”

The Phoenix Letters —  373-F

"The 'living world' is the world in which Spirit flows freely

It is a world of the pure of heart where robber-barons and moneylenders find no point of entry.

It is a world where schemers, malfeasants and exploiters can find not footholds.

If you can envision such a world, you will glimpse the nature of the Kingdom of Souls-the destination of all who follow in the footsteps of the Christ, the one anointed by the planetary Logos to reveal to humanity the pathway into the Brotherhood of Light.”

The Phoenix Letters —  372-F

"The emerging light and love of the soul cannot be contained within the present arrangement of world systems and structures, where deceit and degeneracy have come to rule.

In fact, what is occurring through the intensifying conflicts over power and resources is the acceleration of the emergence of a higher stage of human consciousness." 371-F

The only place to find truth is in the heart; the only way to discern truth is through the light of the soul.  370-F

“Our souls, as fractals of the One Life, are reflections of this Life.  To be in harmonic resonance with this greater life is to embody the essence of divine love.” 369-F

“The birth of a new humanity requires that we open our minds and hearts.  We prepare the ground by releasing everything in us that no longer serves and aligning with a higher purpose.  Our souls are calling us to walk the path from fear to love, from illusion to truth, and from doubt to trust—in the Plan.” 368-F

“The loving heart plays an essential part in creating synthesis.  When the mind listens to the heart, we create the world ‘as above, so below.’  Evolution is leading us towards a greater future.” 367-F

“There is a Love that lies beyond the seeking of anything for the individual self.  It is the natural outpouring of the soul, which endows us with the capacity for goodness. With this love, we will create a new world.” 365-F

“When the love of the soul takes hold, we realize that criticism harms the giver as well as the receiver.” 364-F

“Peace comes when we realize that there is no ‘other’, that we are not separate from one another.  That’s the basis of the new humanity.” 363-F

“By transforming our consciousness and learning to live from our higher nature, we have the power to transform our world.  This power comes from an illumined mind, an open heart, and connection to Source, Spirit, God.” 362-F

“Perceiving the love, joy, and beauty in all things … in every thought, every action, every encounter … allows me to conceive of a new world created by conscious, loving souls.” 361-F

“The soul arouses the love of beauty within us along with a sense of brotherhood.  A strong impulse arises within myself to express this light of the soul in the world.” 360-F

“A massive shift occurs when we allow the Soul to direct our lives.  When we learn to listen with the inner ear to its promptings, the personality is transformed into the Soul’s instrument, and everything becomes possible.” 359-F

“Realising that I am a Soul—incarnate in physical form—brings an awareness that is defined by love.  A selfless attitude toward life replaces the feeling of being an isolated personality.” 358-F

“The human experience of separation from God will soon end, because we are discovering that we are actually one with all beings and with the Source of all life.” 357-F

“It’s wonderful to look back and realize that what the personality may have experienced as suffering, to the soul was a process of ‘making sacred.’  Walking the Path turns the personality into a vessel for the soul, which is who we truly are.” 356-F

“As we purify the personality, qualities of the Soul emerge: the selfless pursuit of the highest good, reverence for all creation, dedication to the divine Plan, envisioning a future born of Love.” 355-F

“Sparks of divinity are fanning one another, creating a reservoir of light that pervades and surrounds the Earth.  A downpour of divine Light will soon cause this reservoir to overflow, bringing an expansion of consciousness that will change everything.” 352-F

“Those who experience the new Reality in the depths of their beings are leading humanity upward on the ladder of evolution to the rung where the collective potential of the human Soul will blaze forth.” 351-F

“In order to activate our greater potential, whatever within us blocks the descent of soul light must be recognized and dissolved.”

See ‘Purification’ 350-F-2

“Through inner transformation, we become able to participate in the creation of a world aligned with divine purpose.”

See ‘Purification’ 349-F

“Purity of intent and the pure expression of the soul are necessary for creating a new world.”

“World change has to begin from within—one soul at a time.  But as soon as we commit ourselves to the path of Spirit, we realise that help is available from subtle realms through everything from stunning synchronicities to intuitive flashes that guide us on the Path.”

See ‘Awakening’ 347-F

“Once I acknowledged the reality of the Soul, the next great awakening for me was the confirmation of the existence of the Kingdom of Souls, which came through inner experience. To know, without a doubt, that there are Beings in higher realms who can contact us if we are open and receptive, and who can help us as we make our way through life, may be the greatest realization for all who now inhabit the earth.” 

See ‘Awakening’ 346-F (1)

Focus on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful and keep your hearts open to the downflow of Christ’s Love as you prepare for His appearance.  Thus you will be serving the Forces of Light. 345 - F  Alt2

The human reign is to be followed by the reign of the Divine.  That which humanity could not achieve on its own, in isolation and separation from the Spiritual Kingdom, will be born on a higher plane as Earth moves upward in its arc of evolution. 344-F

We are finding our way to a New Heaven and New Earth on the wings of love and light.

See ‘A New World’ 343 - F

Your heart’s intelligence brings the answers you need.

See ‘Transformation’ 342 - F

All that divides and separates will be left outside the gates of the new world.

See ‘A New World’ 341-F

“Within me is a voice of wisdom that is always there.”

See ‘Soul Living’ 340-F

A crisis is a call to deepen the inner life.

See ‘Transformation’ 339-F

Truth is discovered through the wise interpretation of our life experiences.

See ‘The Reality of the Soul’ 338-F

“Searching for truth is no easy matter, yet it yields the greatest treasures of life.”

See ‘Awakening’ 337

“In my experience, genuine intuition reaches the mind as the soul awakens.”

See ‘Awakening’ 336

In difficult times, the soul knows exactly what to do.

Visit ‘The Reality of the Soul’ 

In time, the creative aspect of human power will take hold as humanity develops the higher intuition, a capacity so new as to be almost entirely unrecognized.

Human activity has become a threat to planetary life for the first time since the formation of the Earth—billions of years ago. The massively destructive aspect of human power appears daily in headlines around the world. Invisible to the mass media, however, is the shift in consciousness that will soon establish a new planetary reality. 333-F

"Everything occurring on Earth is part of a divine Plan that will, in time, release humanity from the chains of matter and open pathways into spiritual realms. The ascent of the human soul to a plane of higher consciousness is the evolutionary goal of the Aquarian Age. This age has already begun.”  332-F (1)

The soul’s consciousness shatters the illusion of separation allowing light to enter the dark corners of the HUMAN MIND. 331-F

"The soul knows, that what appears on the outer stage of the world is ephemeral and that it masks the evolutionary goal for this time: the passage of the living Earth from an outgrown set of conditions to those that are favorable for the expansion of planetary consciousness.” 330-F

"In this climate of world unrest, the only true place of peace lies within the Soul – that reservoir of loving wisdom that sees and knows.  To be part of the One Soul is to know in the depths of one’s being that nothing separates you from any other human, animal, plant or mineral life.” 329-F

When the personality surrenders to the Soul, a field of receptivity forms and the two become one.  This is Soul-Consciousness, a point of contact where true light and love arise, free from glamour and illusion.  In this field seeds of clear thought are sown and grown to become forms that bring the New World into being.

“The soul contains seeds of life carried over from the past.  Some are stored

“Life acts like sandpaper, erasing from my little self all that is no longer beneficial to my being.  It reaches down to eradicate everything that is deeply rooted within but unnecessary, so that more light can radiate into the world through me.” 326-F

We are entering an Age where Truth will dawn upon the human mind.

Opening our hearts and attuning our ears, we hear the music of the spheres. 324-F

The soul cannot be ignored.  Its light filters through cracks in the wall of separative thinking. 323-F

God’s Plan spurs us onward to leave the suffering caused by human blindness, and enter the joy of the Soul. 322-F

Nearing the end of the storm we begin to see the Golden Dawn. 321-F

Years of hoping – Years of waiting and now, in the fullness of Time, the New Era is being born.

There is such joy in building the bridge between the human and spiritual kingdoms.  Soon we will walk across it together. 319-F

The soul is joyful knowing that spiritual Elders are among us

In the silence of the soul, we hear truths that cannot be ignored. 317-F

The Christ is closer than we know.  He is the joy welling up inside of us. 316-F

Humanity is a determining factor in the plan of God. 315-F

What do we know about


All major world religions await a ‘Coming One’

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There are highly advanced Souls dwelling on subtler planes

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There are highly advanced Souls dwelling on subtler planes

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We are entering the Aquarian Age.

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Who is the Avatar of Love,

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Who is the Avatar of Love

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What is the ‘silver lining’ passing through the Burning Ground…

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Who is the World Teacher?

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What is Spiritual Alchemy?

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Did you know…

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We are entering the Age of Light

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How do we build a lighted bridge of communication

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How do we build a bridge of light

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What is the SOUL?

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The merging of consciousness

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Why build a conscious relationship

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Did you know…

See ‘Fifth Kingdom’:

“Just as developing the extraordinary potential of the human mind was the evolutionary goal of the Piscean Age, developing the potential of the human soul is the goal of the Aquarian Age.  The promise of transforming our planetary life lies in the capacity of the divine soul to align with the plan of evolution and collaborate with the Realm of Souls.” 295-F

Align with the ‘Forces of Light’ to become a co-creator of the new world. 294-F-Alt2

"To meditate is to withdraw conscious awareness from the physical body and the sensory world and to enter the boundless world of consciousness and energy.  It has been proven by science that meditation reduces stress and generates inner peace. Still largely unrealized is its evolutionary role in linking the incarnate human soul with its higher Self on the inner planes.  When Self overlights self, the path of return to Spirit unfolds." 293-F

At this crucial time, let us stand strong knowing that the Coming One and Kingdom of Souls are transforming the old world into a new world of Light.  The future is now. 292-F

We are on the precipice of a new era and the revelation of a world of light.  Members of Earth’s spiritual Kingdom, will once again play a key role in the life of humanity.” 291-F

The great shift of the ages is happening now.  Stand fearless against the darkness in the light of the soul.  A new world of light is being born. 290-F

"A Spiritual Kingdom exists on a plane of Earth where Love flows — and from where the Plan of God is unfolding.  This is where the future lies for those who tread the path of light." 289-F

All creatures on this planet live, move and have their being thanks to the energy of the Sun.  The life-giving rays that reach us on Earth originate within the consciousness of the ‘Divine Being’ that is our Sun. 288-F

All creatures on this planet live, move and have their being thanks to the energy of the Sun.  The life-giving rays that reach us on Earth originate within the Solar Logos: the consciousness of the Divine Being that is our Sun. 287-F-Alt

The changes sweeping the world are the product of divine impacts upon humanity – waves of change that caused suffering within....and waves of Light enveloping the Earth and awakening human souls. 286-F

The beauty of this time is the fragrance of resurrection – for all who are sensitive to the sweetness of the scent. 285-F

Beauty of such staggering proportions will appear that you will sense the reality of ‘heaven.’  If you envision the most breathtaking place you have ever known and magnify the beauty a hundredfold, you will glimpse the resplendent plane from which the new world will be born. 284-F

“The conscious soul identifies with the fabric of life in which it is embedded.  When the heart is open the soul cannot separate itself from the larger life, which it is called to serve in some way.” 283-F

“To actively love is to unify lives that are separated in consciousness.” 282-F-Alt

“As the soul enters the awareness of the personality, the first quality it reveals is Love.” 281-F-Alt

The Soul’s purpose is to penetrate the lower self with its light.  As the intensity of this light grows, the persona surrenders to its higher Self. 280-F

Oneness is the experience of those who have trod the Path to the point of perceiving the soul in all human beings. 279-F

The soul is yearning to break free of its imprisoning persona and experience the reality of spiritual love.  This happens when the soul’s love finds a path to enter the persona and the two become entwined as one. 278-F

The Age of Aquarius will be the time when the light of the Soul breaks through the chaos to illumine our world. 277-F

The soul of humanity is liberating itself from ancient personality limitations. Particles of light amassed through eons of suffering are turning into waves of wisdom. 276-F

Just as gravity binds the physical form to the densest plane of Earth, light attracts the soul to the realm of truth, beauty, goodness. 275-F

Only Love, perched on the shoulders of Truth, can release the karmic burdens of the past. 274-F

At this point in evolution, one thing is required of us above all else:  to love. 273-F

Open the heart to the high frequency of pure Love. 272-F

When the soul awakens and becomes conscious of itself, it sets in motion the Great Chain of Being on our planet. 271-F

May the radiant love of the Soul uplift each and all. 270-F

The path that leads to Truth becomes a path of Love for the true disciple. 269-F

While we exist in separate forms on the physical plane, on the plane of the Soul we are inseparable. 268-F

In the Age of Truth and Light, the purity of spirit will nourish the human heart. 267-F

The law of cause and effect, which works out through karma and reincarnation, will be the foundation stone for human evolution in the new era. 266-F3

Living in truth is a requirement for entering the Kingdom of Souls. 265-F-Alt2

When the soul is anchored in the heart, it gains the ability to discern truth from illusion. 264-F

The age-old human tendency to hide and shade the truth is now being exposed.  The dire consequences of untruth are impelling the soul to arise and search for what is real and true. 263-F

The human and spiritual kingdoms are growing more connected through a love of Truth. 262-F-Alt

In these dire times, the light of conscious souls shines like glittering stars in the night sky.  A purity of spirit causes this higher light to glow in the darkness. 261-F

There exists in the human heart a rising ‘demand’ for the light of truth and goodness. 260-F

Behind the chaos and lawlessness of these times, a new order is being born within the awakening human soul. 259-F

Just as one cannot pry open a rose before its time, a human soul cannot be forced to awaken before the ripeness of time. 258-F

Life on Earth consists of different layers of reality, whose starkest delineation is between visible and invisible realms. 257-F

The growing light of the soul is evoking the light of Great Beings who have passed through the human evolution and now dwell on higher planes.  In the new era, They will actively work with human beings to bring ‘heaven and earth’ into closer proximity and together co-create a new world. 256-F

In the coming era, the world will be infused with light of many kinds:  the light of understanding and wisdom, the light of beauty and truth, the light of meaning and purpose, the light of compassion and love. 255-F-Alt1

The coming Age of Light is the age of the Soul – the age of consciousness that derives from the human soul awakening to its spiritual origins.  It will unfold at a higher bandwidth of Earth’s frequencies where you will see that all is energy.  In place of lines of separation that have blinded humans to the essential oneness of all lives, points of light will be interconnected within a boundless sea of etheric energies.  The light of God will re-enter the world like a tidal wave arriving on the shores of human awareness. 254 - F(1)

It is the frequency of the Soul that throws open the portal to the spiritual realms and allows Light to pour into human living. 253- F

The shift to soul identity leads eventually to the revelation that the consciousness endowing the form with life has a goal for any given lifetime.​ 252 -F

For the first time in humanity’s evolution, the higher Self is being recognized by more than the rare few individuals. 251-F

“The outer world may change beyond recognition, but the immortal human soul is blossoming and heralding the birth of a new world.” 250-F

When the soul becomes conscious of itself, the great chain of Being is set in motion.  The conscious soul is as a newborn ‘juncture’ between heaven and earth. 249 -F

Love is the portal to the New World 248-F -Alt

May the Love, Light and Wisdom of the Soul fill our hearts with joy. 247-F

In the moment of action, it is the Soul’s light that opens the door to right human relations​. 246-F-Alt 2

By removing the separating barriers constructed by the persona, we experience the spirit of Oneness. 245-F-Alt 2

The ‘eye of the Soul’ sees all. 244-F

The spirit of Oneness is known to those who have trod the path to the point of perceiving the soul in all human beings. 243-F-Cor't'd

Friend - take my hand and come with me into the Light 242-f-Cor't'd

Life is always Evolving into Beauty 241-F

“The Soul is: The One Who Knows, The One who stands steady in the eye of the storm and builds toward a future worthy of awakening humanity.  The One who continues adding stones to the pyramid of light that reveals the new world.” 240-F

“To know that one’s essential self is immortal is to breathe the pure fresh air of freedom.” 238-F

“The period leading to the Events that humanity desperately awaits is stirring awake the hidden resources of the individual soul and preparing the ground for the collective soul to actualize the Plan under the guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy.” 237-Alt

“At this momentous turning-point, the divine plan for the human race is to awaken to its role in the grand design of Earth’s evolution.” 236-F

“Everything now occurring on the outer planes of Earth is stimulating the opening of the rose of the heart among those who will build the new world. This opening is letting in of the light of the soul.” 234-F

“This is the time when the reality of the Spiritual Hierarchy must enter the human mind, since it is through humanity’s interaction with the realm of enlightened souls that the new world will come into being.” 233-2

“This is the time of the great shift in human consciousness that must precede the building of a new world.” 232-F

“Fear not, for the veil has begun to lift and when the critical moment arrives, it will swiftly disappear.  The worlds will meet in a profusion of Light that will eliminate any doubt of the existence of a Spiritual Realm.” 231-F

"Joy belongs to the soul as bliss belongs to the Spirit." 230-F

"The joyful exhilaration of the soul contains the scent of victory over the causes of worldly suffering." 229-F

"To experience the love of the divine soul is to know the love of God; to experience the joy of the soul is to sense the power of God to transform lead into gold." 228-F

"Love heals the wounded heart and joy transforms the wound into a catalyst for spiritual rebirth." 227-F

"Personal happiness is fleeting, but joy arises in the soul and resides there." 226-F

“There comes a time in the life of an aspirant to higher truth when the personality surrenders to the Soul.”  225-F

“One of the first visible signs of the soul’s emergence in a person’s life is involvement for the Good.” 224-F

“Once the Light is seen and the Way is glimpsed, the temporary fixes of the persona will never satisfy.” 223-F

The coming age has been called the ‘Age of the Soul.’ 222-F

“The pain and anguish of these times is accelerating the evolution of human consciousness, as Earth begins its ascent into a realm of greater light.” 221-F

“There is no higher vibration for human beings to aspire to than the vibration of Divine Love, which opens the portal to the new world.” 220-F

“Through the growing influence of the human soul, a system of justice and fairness will emerge sooner than we may realise.” 219-F-Alt

“Before long, there will be a battle over human value systems as more awakened souls fight for the principles that will undergird the new civilization: truth, justice and love.” 218-F

“Earth is on the verge of moving into a higher vibratory sphere where soul consciousness will become the directing force in human affairs.” 217-F-Alt

“The heart of humanity is opening as never before.  Spiritual love is growing as compassion spreads to embrace strangers in need.” 216-F

“Awareness is growing with the human race that money and material gain cannot be the aim of human life, especially when earning them destroys the dignity of the Self.” 215-F

“It is central to the Plan at this momentous turning-point for humanity to wake up to its responsibilities within the planetary Life.” 214-F

“The voice of the Soul directs the persona to change the world by transforming oneself from a human being into a Spiritual Being.” 213-F

“World crises have accelerated humanitys awareness of what it means to be our brothers keeper.” 212-F

“Higher Beings are approaching to guide humanity through this tumultuous wave of change and reveal the incredible potentials of the race.” 211-F

“Humanity’s constructive use of power will take hold as it develops the higher intuition—a capacity so new as to be almost unrecognized.” 210-F

“A divine Plan lies behind the converging streams of energy creating planetary upheaval on the eve of a radically new era.” 209-F

“What does it mean to love in the highest sense?  It is to radiate the love of the divine Self.” 208-F

“The soul awakens in the heart and begins to shine its light upon the mind of the seeker.” 207-F

“World change will come through the shift in identity from a separate human persona to a spark of light united with all sparks, a cell within the body of God; a drop of divinity within the divine ocean of life.” 206-F

“The human and spiritual realms have begun to join in restoring the divine plan on Earth.” 205-F

”While humanity is focused on growing catastrophes, an explosion of light of ineffable beauty will occur, signaling Our emergence into the visible world.” 204-Alt-F

"Those who are consciously aligned with the kingdom not of this world’ will remake the world in the new era." 203-F

"We, your spiritual Elders, are close to our Great Brother, the Christ, and illumined by the immensity of His love and wisdom.  We serve under His guidance.  As you learn to follow in our footsteps, the gap between us will grow smaller." 202-F

"The spiritual hierarchy exists in a realm of shimmering beauty and harmony, suffused by the love of the Creator and the music of the spheres." 201-F

"In the spiritual realms We are instruments of higher purpose, devoted to carrying out the divine plan.  When an aspect of the Plan is fulfilled, a river of bliss flows through Our ranks." 200-F

"Progress within the ranks of the spiritual Hierarchy is based upon accumulations of wisdom, love, and perception of divine purpose." 199-F

"At the dawn of this new era, we welcome into our midst those whose hearts have revealed to them that We exist and are approaching closer to humanity."198-F

"The soul lives on, carrying forward from one lifetime to the next its experience in the world of form." 197-F

"These times present humanity with a rainbow of opportunities.  Choices appear at every turn, allowing people to freely choose the Higher Way." 196-F

"Never before has it been possible for the human and spiritual kingdoms to enter into such close proximity." 195-F

"When the winds of change blow strongly enough a new world will emerge.  Truth and Love will be its hallmarks." 194-F

We are held in the light of Love and by this light we tread the Path 193-F

Practical advice for the New Age  Feel the Winds of Change.  Smile – take a deep breath and receive the Energies of Peace, Light and Love.  It’s happening now 192-F

Spiritual success is attained when the Soul, the higher Self, recognizes it belongs to the One Self, and thus to all Selves and all of Life. 191-F

The spiritual goal for any given lifetime is to bring the outer form of the persona into closer rapport with the Life within. 190-F-Alt1

It is the higher frequencies of the Soul that open the door to the spiritual kingdom and to the deeper purpose of life. 189-F

Awakening to the higher self—the Soul—leads to the spiritual path that ultimately leads into the Kingdom of Souls. 188-F-alt2

There is no higher vibration for human beings to aspire to than the vibration of Divine Love.  Its purity is what opens the portal to the New World. 187-F

The Kingdom of Souls is the heart center of our planet.  Those who will emerge from that center to guide humanity into the new world will be known by the love and wisdom they radiate. 186-F

Light of many kinds will suffuse the coming era:  the light of understanding and wisdom, the light of beauty and truth, the light of meaning and purpose, the light of compassion and love. 185-F

The soil is being prepared for Great Ones to initiate a new cycle in evolution. 184-F

The growing light of the human soul is attracting the light of Great Souls who dwell in higher realms. 183-F

Spiritual Elders tell us a Divine Plan is working out.  Even as the world is focused on current catastrophes, the heart of humanity is opening as never before. 182-F

The soul of humanity is being guided across the rocks and shoals of these critical times on its path towards the Light. 181-F

Allow the love of the Soul to waft over you like a gentle breeze, sensing in its wake the clean, clear scent of the future. 180-F

In this time of great unrest, the only true place of rest is within the soul—that inexhaustible reservoir of loving wisdom. 179-F

May all be happy.  May all be without dis-ease.  May all creatures have well-being.  May none be in misery of any kind. 178-F

Just as minerals become crystals through a fiery process, the fire of the Soul creates beauty on the mental, astral, and physical planes of being. 177-F

Picture inside of you an inner radiant sun.  Know this bright and beautiful sun to be the light of your Soul. 176-F

The time of contact between the human and spiritual kingdoms approaches.  The soil grows richer.  The air purer.  The frequencies more resonant.  The time grows shorter. 174-F

Let peace, joy, and love flow freely in our hearts and in the hearts of all. 173-F

By piercing the veils of matter, we begin the journey back to Spirit. 172-F

By turning our eyes toward the inner realms, we discover the nature of the Kingdom of Souls and experience the joy and beauty of our own souls. 171-F

The human eye provides insight into the phenomenal world.  The eye of the soul brings revelation of the nature of the inner worlds. 170-F

The human mind connects naturally with the universal mind through the development of higher intuition. 169-F

Imagine a pool of energy within the heart resonating with the Soul.  As this resonance grows, spiritual guidance becomes a natural facet of life as a source of love and healing for all. 168-F

When the heart attunes to the voice of the soul, it identifies with something greater than itself and becomes a motivator for Truth, intent on lifting the hearts of others closer to the realm of the soul. 167-F

May the Light of Truth and the Love of the Soul fill human hearts in this critical time. 164-F

It is not only the Light we seek but the Light we already are that is shifting the balance of the world. 163-F

Let us stay awake, for the light of Truth has begun to find reflections in the light of the human soul. 162-F

Every step taken on the Path reveals a portal to greater light.  When inner blockages are removed, life and consciousness naturally flow upward toward ever greater light. 161-F

Love flows abundantly from the soul that knows itself to be one with all souls and lives to serve the One Life. 160-F-Alt1

A growing wave of awakening souls will be carried across the threshhold to the new world by a bridge of light pervaded by love. 159-F-V2 Alt2

Can joy be found in luxuries when the overwhelming majority of human beings are suffering?  What does it mean to ‘be a success in life? What is the purpose of being alive? 158-F

As part of one Life, we take our stand on the shores of the New World to become one race, one kingdom, aligned with the Plan of God for the transformation of the world. 157-F

The Plan of Light and Love is alive in the new Earth and in the hearts of the new Humanity. Nothing can prevent the soul of humanity from awakening, or The Christ and His Masters of Compassion from returning. 156-F

“Pockets of darkness remaining within the human soul will be subject to the revealing power of light, and thus more readily transmuted.” 155-F

“Sparks of divinity are fanning one another creating a reservoir of light that pervades and surrounds the Earth.” 154-F

“Christ, the redeemer, is coming alive within the human soul.  We are witnessing the birth of Christ consciousness—known as Buddha nature, Atman, Taqwa, and many other names.  The soul lives in a realm beyond names.  The divine spark that lives in all souls is reawakening the Soul of the world.” 153-F

“The spiritual hierarchy of Earth will soon emerge into view.  It is a hierarchy of light and love that formulates the plan for Earth’s evolution.  The next stage of this plan requires the light and love of humanity.” 152-F-alt

“The new dawn will reveal a world where the Avatar of Love leads the people to the promised land—the land where love shall prevail.” 151-F

“Be not weary, dear co-workers in the Light.  Know that you are drawing the Light of Christ ever closer to humanity.  You are plowing the fields for the One Known by Many Names to sow the seeds of the New Earth.” 150-F

“When Christ returns as World Teacher, He will be accompanied by Masters of Wisdom—Great Ones from the spiritual realm who have mastered the human struggle. They will elevate humanity to a plane where cruelty and brutality cannot enter.  They are coming soon.” 149-F

“In the dead of winter when snow shrouds the ground, the song of a bird excites the heart with anticipation of spring.  Let the sounds of the Coming One fill all hearts with the thrill of rebirth.” 148-F

“When the winds of change blow strongly enough, a new world will emerge.  Truth and Love will be its hallmarks.” 147-F

“The transient outer world may change beyond recognition, but the life of the immortal soul is blossoming and heralding the birth of a New World.” 146-F

“All faiths are awaiting the return of a prophet, a redeemer, a messiah.  Salvation will come first through the rising Soul of Humanity that is evoking the Holy Ones.” 145-F

“The wheels of evolution are turning rapidly now in anticipation of the return of Light.  Let all awakening souls prepare the way.” 144-F

“Individuals who place their lives on the line for the sake of truth are following in the footsteps of the Christ. They are the unsung heroes of the world.” 143-F

“The present role of the Christ is to chart the course for externalizing members of the hierarchy to return to outer contact with humanity.” 142-F

“Souls who consciously cross the threshold into the new era will hear the music of the spheres – playing all along but unheard – and will rejoice in the shift into a realm wherein divine music calls the Soul onward.” 141-F

“It will finally become evident to humanity that war – the infliction of maximum harm by one party on another to force the other to submit to their will – belongs to a dying civilization.” 140-F

"Let this hour of pain and suffering quicken the emergence of the new age of divine light, love and power." 139-F-alt

"To witness suffering with an open heart is to feel the beating heart of the world.  The trauma of brutality amplifies this heartbeat so that all may hear and respond." 138-F

"Human survival depends on the will of the Soul to love.  It is the will of the planetary Logos, the God of Earth, for spiritual love to flourish in the coming world era." 137-F

"The avatar of love and truth is returning to Earth to ignite these attributes in the human Soul.  He is the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, known by many other names." 136-F

"In the coming age, the rose of the heart will unfold its velvety petals, offering succor to every soul in need.  The new world will be a birthplace for divine

"A divine plan is working out as humanity cries for help from the spiritual realm.  The soil is being prepared for Christ and His Disciples, Masters of wisdom and love, to inaugurate a new cycle in human evolution." 134-F

"War in the new era will transpire within the human soul.  Forces of light and darkness will be locked in battle until the ultimate triumph of the divine Self." 133-F

"Humanity has seen the rise and fall of countless civilizations.  A new civilization is incubating within the soul of humanity under the guidance of Beings emerging from the realm of divine Love—the Kingdom of Souls." 132-F-alt-1

"The misery afflicting humanity is prying open the heart of the race in preparation for a new age infused with spiritual love and wisdom." 131-F

"This hour of terrible darkness will end in a torrent of divine Light, as Spiritual Forces penetrate the veil and humanity sees." 130-F

“Beauty on the inner planes is an expression of Divinity.” 129-F

“Mystics know that true understanding lies in the province of the heart where divinity is experienced directly.” 128-F

“In the future, large groups of souls will enter the higher realms and realize that inner Teachers have guided them by dropping ‘parcels of light’ into their

“Just as the archer aligns his bow with the bull’s eye of a target, the soul learns to align its will with the purpose held in the Mind of God.” 123-F

“Life on earth evolves according to karmic law. This law is devoid of sentiment, and it’s goal is to balance the scales of justice on the soul’s journey toward perfection.” 122-F

“Myriad new worlds will appear to the etheric eye.” 121-F

“The crossroads where humanity now stands is strewn with signposts pointing toward a world steeped in the light and love of the soul.”  120-F

“The divine spark of the human Soul - the ‘sleeping giant’ until now - has begun to merge with the Forces of Light to renew the Soul of the World.”  119-F

“We are now at the pivot point where the drive of humanity for the Light of truth will tip the balance toward that Greater Light.” 118-F

“It is the destiny of Earth to become a sacred planet." 117-F

“There is one single planetary life. Its higher dimension has begun to reveal itself and humanity is a vital part of this divine revelation.” 116-a-F

“The Soul knows that life is continuous, that consciousness is inextinguishable, and that death is an illusion.” 115-a-F

“Speak what you know to be true with the fire of the heart and the wisdom of the soul.” 114-d-F

“The love that binds all of creation will permeate the soil of the new world.” 113-b-F

“To belong to this planetary life is to realize that there lies within oneself a subtler and higher dimension of consciousness—one that is capable of relating to that realm of Earth that is the womb of Life itself.” 112-b-F

“The eyes of the true Self are instruments of subtle vision that penetrate through to the essence of all things.” 111-F

“May the butterfly begin to flap it’s wings in the purified air of the dawning age – the age of the Soul.” 110-F

“To tread the Path you must become the Path…To build the bridge of Light between the material and Spiritual realms, you must become the bridge.” 109-b-F

“Spiritual forces are working to impregnate human minds and hearts with shafts of light whose accumulations will turn the tide into the new era." 108-F

“Now is the time to regenerate humanity’s bond with the spiritual realm—not by belief, but through the conviction of inner experience.” 107-F

“Humanity must grow into its spiritual potential in order to create the new

“The heart that thirsts for truth can only be satisfied by the light that the soul can provide.”  105-F

“The fall of this world system is exposing the path to a world of supernal light, love and beauty.” 104-F

“The inner truth of the heart is what guides the pilgrim on the path toward the Light.” 103-F

“Spiritual life begins when the soul takes control of the outer persona — when the mind, the feeling nature, and the physical vehicle are integrated and dedicated to the purpose for which the soul has come into incarnation.” 102-F1

“Serious meditators are pioneers of the dimensional shift. Like the astronaut who leaves the earth and enters the emptiness of outer space, the meditator leaves the earth and enters the emptiness of inner space.” 101-a-F

“Awakened souls, having endlessly traversed the valleys of earth, will find a ‘garden’ in which to tread the path toward the Light of Spirit.” 100-a_F-alt

“The Aquarian Age will see the start of the spiritualisation of Earth’s life. 099-a-F

“As the New Earth comes into manifestation, humanity will realise that the Sun is the impelling force in the realm of consciousness.” 098-a-F

“The race is facing a leap across a chasm that requires a bridge. The substance of this bridge is woven from the light of the soul. To build it requires spiritual aspiration and will.” 097-a-F

“It is time to finally awaken and arise into the full measure of spiritual adulthood—a stage in which the Light of the Soul shines constantly, glowingly, unflinchingly, regardless of the changing environment on the outer plane of life.” 096-d-F

“Humanity, the destroyer, must become Humanity, the Builder upon a subtler plane of consciousness and life." 095-a-F

“We call on you to recognise that the manifestation of the spiritual Hierarchy begins when the human soul acknowledges Our existence.” 094-d-F

“We shall play a leading role in this new age in response to the invocative demand of humanity for the light of Truth.” 093-d-F

“The evolutionary goal of the coming age is the healing and regeneration of all lives in every kingdom of Life.” 092-d-F

“Masters of Wisdom and their disciples will be recognised in the new world by the radiance of their light and inclusiveness of their love.” 091-a-F

“When illumined Beings walk the earth in the new era, divine love and wisdom will be made visible.” 090-1-F

“To be a conscious spark of the One Soul is to know in the depths of your being that nothing separates you from any other human, animal, plant or mineral

“Lying behind the entire manifestation of planetary life is the Anima Mundi—the Soul of the World.” 088-a-F

“In soul consciousness there is only one Life.” 087-a-F

“The creation of an Aquarian civilization depends on placing the highly developed faculties of mind in service to the rose of the heart.” 086-b-F

“There exists on this planet a realm of conscious life more evolved than the human kingdom.” 085-a-F

“The soul of a human being contains within itself the potential to become a fully functioning member of the Kingdom of Souls.” 084-a-F


“The soul perceives unmanifest light and love and, through its inherent likeness to these qualities, is drawn to the light on the path of return to the Father.”  083-a-F

“The Christ will return as a teacher for the world.  A world teacher instructs souls of all nations, regions, religions, and races who are awakening to the true Self and seeking to penetrate Higher Realities."

“After endlessly traversing the valleys of earth and withstanding the relentless travails, awakening souls discover the garden of the soul where the path toward the Light of Spirit unfolds.”  081-a-F-alt1

“All molecules of substance are composed of atoms of light which, when stimulated by light of a higher vibration, produce more radiance.  This is happening now as light floods the planet.” 080-F      

“For those with eyes to see, a Great Being will come to light up the world and inaugurate a new era.” 079-a-alt1-F

“Behind the divergent streams of energy creating planetary upheaval, a Divine Plan for a new era unfolds.” 078-a alt-F

“When the spark of the human soul is ignited by the fire of the Kingdom of Souls, a new world is inevitable” 077-a-F

“The light shining from awakening souls is transforming the darkness shrouding the planet at the end of this world cycle.” 076-a-F-alt 

“The death of the current world order is the prelude to the birth of a new world that will arise from humanity’s spiritual awakening.” 075-F

“In the realm of the Soul there is no separation.” 074-d-F

“From the plane of the soul, one can weather present global conditions with equanimity and with undiminished faith in the future.” 073-d-F

“The soul gravitates naturally to the light of the future.” 072-e-F

“As soul consciousness expands, one identifies with all souls." 071-F

"Those who achieve inner alignment with the Soul experience unparalleled joy.” 070-d-F

“To embody the higher Self requires a developed sense of responsibility.” 069-d-F

“An ideal is realized when it lives inside you as a purpose that shapes  your thoughts and actions.” 068-F 

“One of the first signs of the soul’s emergence in a person’s life is involvement in service for the Common Good.” 067-F

“The soul lives on, carrying forward its experiences from the world of form. 066-F

“This is the time to realize beyond the shadow of a doubt that the soul is immortal.” 065-F

"The spiritual approach by the 5th kingdom to the 4th Kingdom at this turn of the ages must be reciprocated." 064-a-F

“It is humanity’s destiny for individual will to become aligned, over time, with the purposes of the Logos.” 063-b-2-F

“It is the call — embedded in the plan of evolution for Earth — for humanity to begin to manifest its inherent divinity.” 062-b-F

“Everything occurring on Earth is part of a divine Plan that will, in time, release humanity from the chains of matter and open pathways into spiritual

“The spiritually awakened sense the end of the age and are looking for signs of the new. The wise are filled with quiet expectancy, knowing the Coming One is edging closer to visibility.” 060-F

"Higher Beings are approaching closer to guide humanity through this tumultuous wave of change and reveal the incredible potentials of the race."059-F(2)

"A Divine Plan lies behind the converging streams of energy that are creating planetary upheaval on the eve of a radically New Era." 058-F

"Now is the time to prepare mentally and spiritually for the impending shift." 057-F

"A Divine Plan lies behind the converging streams of energy that are creating planetary upheaval on the eve of a radically new era." 056-d-F

"When the spark of the human soul is ignited by the fire of the Kingdom of Souls, a new world is inevitable." 055-d-F

"The light emerging from the awakening soul of humanity will transform the darkness shrouding the world as this cycle of evolution comes to an end." 054-d-F

"The death of the current world order is the prelude to the birth of a new civilization and culture that will be born of a new spiritual awareness." 053-d-Alt-F

"The Christ will return as the World Teacher to embody Truth. He will be recognized first by those in whom the fire of love has been ignited and who have learned the meaning of spiritual love.” 052-d-F

“The soul awakens in the heart and begins to shine its light upon the mind of the seeker.” 051-d-F

“We are your shelter from the storm and the light on your Path. We walk with you, and we compose the song of the new earth with you.” 050-d-F

“The awakening of the higher self leads inevitably to the spiritual path, by which humanity evolves, and ultimately leads into the Kingdom of Souls.” 049-d-F

"The first initiation into spiritual life arises from the opening of the heart." 048-b-F

“As consciousness expands, the individual soul increasingly identifies with all souls and all living beings and seeks to contribute to the welfare of Earth’s life.” 047-b-F

“Bear in mind always that the new age of Aquarius will be the age of the Soul, the era when the light of the Soul will break through the chaos and illumine the world.” 046-d-F 

“It is the frequency of the Soul that throws open the portal to the higher kingdom and allows the higher Light to pour into human living.”  045-e-F

“In the world of the soul, absolute values are like beacons of light. Light attracts the soul to the realm where truth, beauty, and goodness are magnetic forces. Magnetic attraction will replace moral law in the new world.”  044-e-F

“Grief will turn to joy for those who have opened the inner eye of the soul. They will realize that all is in divine order; that evolutionary forces are aiding and guiding the passage of Earth into a subtler realm.” 043-a-F

“When the moment of readiness arrives, the Light of Truth leaps from the printed page like a flash of lightning, illuminating the darkness. This will occur with growing frequency as the new wave of etheric light engulfs the planet.” 042-a-F

“When darkness is most intense, sparks of light can be more easily seen. When shades of gray turn into blackness, the smallest point of light will look like a star.” 041-a-F

“We stand on the threshold of a new world in a new dimension of planetary Life.” 040-a-F

“The best use of these times is to go within and tap the cosmic currents pouring abundantly into the Earth. As you do so, the spiritual gift-waves will become more available.” 039-a-F

“The coming Age of Light is the age of the Soul — the age of consciousness that derives from the human soul awakening to its spiritual origins.” 038-a-F

“There is reason to mourn what is dying, but far more reason to celebrate what is being born. The divine human being is breaking free of the chains of matter and entering an age of Spiritual Light.” 037-a-F

“The path is not for the faint of heart.” 036-F

"Once the soul awakens there is no going back.” 035-F

“Spiritual forces are swinging the planet in a new direction.” 034-F

“The real meaning of Peace will be understood as the divine purpose behind the new age.” 033-a-alt2

"Human minds have reached upward for guidance and higher minds have responded." 032-a-F

"It won't be long before the river of life departs from its previous course."   031-a-alt1

"If you are reading these words you have most likely anticipated changes." 030-a-alt2

“Suffering results from karmic consequences from the past. When the causes are realized and atoned for, suffering ceases.” 029-a-F

“The light of the soul has the power to charge the light of atoms with emanations of a higher frequency. When masses of these tiny lights coalesce at a higher frequency the body is capable of absorbing substance of a more refined nature. The cells of the physical instrument are thus changed, eventually to the point if becoming radioactive. By increments, the outer body radiates the inner source of light.” 027-a-F

“The soul is a vortex of light that operates under similar principles to physical light, but at a more subtle degree of consciousness. To vibrate with a certain band of frequencies is to be in its sphere of resonance. This occurs by an act of the will to transcend the limits of the material dimension and attune to the spiritual.” 026-a-F

“With every increment of horror, evil and injustice, the walls of the human heart thicken until, like sheets of solid ice, they crack apart and let in the light. It has always been true that in a moment of agony the soul cries out to a higher Force. That moment has now arrived for billions of incarnate souls. . .” 025-d-F

“What is now occurring on Earth has been rightly called a nightmare. The most dreaded terrors have been unleashed upon the planet, conjured up by human minds ensnared in the darkness of separation. Inevitably their powers will reach a point of climax. Little known is the fact that they are paving the way into the world of light.”  024-d-F

“The distant twinkling lights we see in the sky are beacons of other worlds, whose existence remains veiled to inhabitants of earth.” 023-d-F

In the world of the New Age, all will be known by the quality of their light.

“Those who are sounding the note of the new world amidst the present turmoil are clearing the way for greater light to enter the world.” 022-a-F

“The love that flows freely, naturally, liberally from one soul to another is the force that unblocks the gate to the Abode of Love—neither high Intellect, nor advanced learning, nor the mastery of esoteric texts about spiritual truth has the power to open that gate. Without love, they merely bolster the mind that governs the world ofseparation.” 021-b-F

“The Masters of Wisdom will appear like stars in the sky, lighting up their surroundings.” 019-e-F

"Humanity will grow increasingly aware of the living relationship between Earth and other planets in the solar system, between Earth and the Sun, and between the Sun and the Galaxy." 018-d-F

“The Divine Plan is not a document engraved in stone. It is a living, breathing confluence of energies that moves in a particular direction in accord with Divine Will and in response to ever-changing influences and impacts . . .”  017-b-F

“The way into this age is paved with the light of the soul, first, then with the love of the soul, and finally, once these qualities have become manifest, It Is paved with awareness of and alignment with divine purpose.” 016-b-F

"Flame-like streamers of golden light will flow from acts of goodwill and altruism, sending magnetic waves of love and joy into the matrix of Earth."  015-e-F

"The impact of beauty on the human soul is like that of goodness and truth: divine expressions emit vibrations that stir the soul and raise the frequencies of the light body." 014-e-F

"Mystics know that true understanding lies in the province of the heart where divinity is experienced directly. Yet the path that leads to enlightenment requires the light of mind as well as heart. It is the fusion of these two streams of light that illumines the soul."  013-e-F

"To gain access to the Reality on the other side of the veil is to realize that all is energy, the energy is Spirit and that Spirit is Life" 012-a-F

"Flame-like streamers of golden light will flow from acts of goodwill and altruism, sending magnetic waves of love and joy into the matrix of Earth." 011-a-Falt

"Humanity will grow increasingly aware of the living relationship between Earth and other planets in the solar system, between earth and the Sun and between the Sun and the Galaxy." 010-a-F

“Light is the substance of energy and the living spirit that vitalizes all lives.  Light is also the essence of consciousness.” 009-d-F

“The Divine Plan for humanity was to gain sufficient experience in physical form to finally awaken from the illusion of matter and discover the light of the soul on a plane of subtler energies and forces.” 008-a-F

"Recent solar flares are signaling the start of a new era by their magnitude, frequency and intensity, all of which bring the Sun as a living Being closer to human awareness."  007-F

"The will to achieve the divine state of union — with soul, with the Master, with Life Itself — is essential to mustering the courage to escape the pull of the lower worlds by any means required."  006-e-F

"A pearl of truth buried beneath the glamours of material ambition is that the human soul, by its nature, longs for the light and love of Spirit." 005-a-F

"Divine Light shines in the visages of all who give themselves and their resources to the work of world salvage." 004-F

"At this time there is no higher vibration to aspire to than the vibration of Divine Love, for this vibration opens the portal to the new world." 003-e-F

"When the soul is ready for the light of truth, it invariably appears. A growing portion of humanity is ready for greater light." 002-c -F