The purpose of this initiative is to quicken the unfoldment of higher consciousness in these critical times.


We met as strangers from around the world, drawn together by a series of guidance letters from enlightened Teachers on the inner planes.  In time, we learned that Their goal was to conduct an experiment involving cooperation between the human and spiritual realms of our planet, to further the evolution of consciousness.

Through the love and wisdom conveyed in these letters over several years, we grew into a cohesive group of coworkers committed to common goals.  As we began to apply the guidance to practical work in the world and realized its effectiveness, our commitment to the experiment deepened into the flowering of a group soul on a shared journey.

As individuals, we have all grown under the influence of these communications from spiritual Elders on the other side of the veil.  But the greater purpose of the initiative has been to prepare a group to carry out work that could, in some definite way, quicken the unfoldment of higher consciousness in these critical times.  Behind this work is the evolutionary goal presented through the Ageless Wisdom teachings: to awaken humanity to the spiritual dimensions of our planet as the foundation of a new world. (The fruits of this endeavor can be seen on the Creations page, “Creations of Wisdom and Beauty.”)

We have come to see that, in a small way, this experience foreshadows what can be expected in the coming era as enlightened Souls, who dwell behind the veil that has separated the human and spiritual realms of life, begin to enter our midst.  By radiating the fullness of Their light, love and power, the realm of human living will be unalterably changed for the good.  It was to express this conviction, born of experience, that the Tree of Light was created.

In the growing awareness that we are essentially souls sharing a journey toward the greater light of the New Era, we have learned to work harmoniously.  Whatever talents or skills we possess—as artists, musicians, writers, organizers, team leaders, translators, and technology experts—are offered willingly as the need arises.  We have realized that the love and unity at the very core of the human heart are what await humanity in the coming Age of the Soul.

We warmly welcome you to this living website.  May it be a sanctuary for your Soul and a place to experience the oneness of the human Soul and its inherent truth, beauty, and goodness.

October 2021


Impressions from a Co-worker

“The Tree of Light website is an entity shaped more by its intangible qualities than anything else. Yes, there are important reasons to share the words about Earth changes, the Soul, a Divine Plan and co-creation of a new Earth through cooperation between human and spiritual realms. But the website would not exist were it not for the intangible qualities of trust, love, sensitivity, awareness and presence that are alive in the hearts of the group members responsible for the website, who have grown and worked together under the impress of spiritual elders.

At the heart of the group life is a vibration which can be described by the word "welcoming". It welcomes the Earth changes, it welcomes the approaching Light, it welcomes the livingness we share as souls, it welcomes the guidance from enlightened Beings, it welcomes the conviction that humanity will fulfill its divine purpose and much more. This "welcoming" vibration is the intangible quality at the heart of the livingness that animates and vitalizes the soul of the group that has created the Tree of Light website. A "welcoming" vibration that has been created through soul livingness is one of the tenderest and most powerful vibrations of love that a group of human beings can experience in unison. This "welcoming" vibration has its own life intention - to spread its wings and extend itself into ever widening circles of awakening humanity.”